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Bangor University’s Christmas Crisis

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Published 19-12-2018  | By Tom Owen

Bangor University’s Christmas Crisis

Bangor University has once again shaken the trust in its foundations by announcing warnings over possible job losses and even the removal of entire departments in a bid to make financial savings.

The news comes less than a year on from strikes swept the nation as students and teachers campaigned against changes to lectures pensions.

Student outrange has been witnessed online with planned protests against the changes have popped up on popular University orientated Facebook page “Bantor University”

Student reps have also processed to be a voice against the planned changes collecting numerus signatures and letters against the changes and showing wide spread support for their teaching staff.

The news was broken just a week before many students were to take leave for the Christmas period.

When questioned for a response from the Students Union, Sabbatical Officer Muhammad Firdaushad this to say;

The sabbatical team has met with the Pro-Vice Chancellor for students and the interim Vice Chancellor to discuss the main issues that students have raised with us, we appreciate your concerns, please rest assured that we as your Students Union are continue to talk and raise concerns with the university.

We want to ensure that the student voiceremains at the forefront of every conversation and that your interests aretaking into account.

We are actually having a QA session today at 11-1 PM at the room of requirement,and the next QA with the sab office is on Tuesday the 15th 6-8pm PL5 Pontio.

[Muhammad Firdaushad - Student Union Sabatical Officer]

It is understood that the entire chemistry department is to be closed down with fear of imminent job losses and a phasing out of the courses provided by the department over the coming years as future enrollment onto these courses has been canceled.

The university has published details of their intended plans to reduce spending and have provided all students and staff with PDFs outlining these details.

The troubled times for the university do not end there with many of the staff being forwarded emails containing private details regarding the life of the University vice-chancellor, Professor John G Hughes.

The have BBC reviled the contents contains suspected emails originating from email and social media accounts belong to the Vice-Chancellor harassing his ex-partner and her current partner.

Professor John G Hughes has dismissed the allegations against him claiming the contents of the email to be doctored, however any evidence to support this has yet to be made public.

The scandal has resulted in the Vice-Chancellor bringing forth his retirement from the end of this current academic year to the end of this month (December)

We spoke toa student at the university who had this to say;

He shouldn’t of made any risks at all at, and the fact that these emails came out in 2016 I’m actually pretty surprised it taken until 2018 for him to go.  

I’m thankful for that because when I eventually graduate Im not going to have to shack a man’s hand who’s been described as ageist, sexist and racist. Because he doesn’t deserve respect if he’s not respecting other people.”

[Edward Chalinor – Student]

The university has weathered many storms in its time, however, this time it looks like the aftermath of uncertainty is due to proceeded well into the future.

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