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Anglesey Woodland Festival Wows Crowds!

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Published 13-10-2018  | By Tom Owen

Anglesey Woodland Festival Wows Crowds!

Returning for its 14th year the Anglesey Woodland Festival took over the woods of the national trusts Plas Newydd Estate for the last weekend of September.

‍One of the later festivals in the summers calendar the two-day family-focused event welcome over 5,000 visitors into the wood and provided a range of crowd-pleasing woodland demonstrations.

The event is run by the Outdoor Learning Wales of Anglesey, a voluntary group made up of practitioners in outdoor education and skills, with the aim to promote the outdoors and educate festival-goers in traditional methods of working.

Every year the event gets more popular, this is our best year so far as the festival is going from strength to strength, each year we try to have something new to add to the festival.

The festival is very family ordinated, with a focus on social skills and networking.

[James Carpenter, Chariman - Outdoor Learning Wales of Anglesey]

The free to enter festival attracts stall holders from near and far to demonstrate a range of breath taking traditional methods of working with wood, demonstrations included but weren’t limited to; wildling, cobbling, basket making, carving, engraving and even wood based structure building.

With stall holders also providing a range of items available for purchase, from intricately carved ornaments, boxes and walking sticks handmade jewellery and a range of delicious homemade delights which proved difficult to resist.

The Anglesey Woodland Festival is a good one for us [Elwy Working Woods]. It’s a lovely setting for a gathering of woodland craftspeople and their work.

It’s always hard to say whether it directly leads to any work but that’s the nature of shows. It’s nice to chat with people who are interested in what we do and get the chance to showcase what we do.

This year was particularly good as we had a beautiful frame to demonstrate.

[Joe Farey – Elwy Working Woods]

The festival also played host to a range of engaging workshops allowing people to try their hand at some of these traditional techniques themselves while also providing a range of arts, crafts and even drama based events for crowds to participate in.

Festival goers and children impartially cued to try their hand at archery or one of the many games spread throughout the woods.

The festival is a great way for people to learn about traditional skills while demonstrating new ways to do traditional activities.

The Plas Newydd estate has been home to the festival for the last six years, due to the impressive size of the festival the estate it is one of, if not the only remaining places on the island of Anglesey able to host an event of this size due to its infrastructure and range of services available on site.

The national trust managed site also houses the impressive Plas Newydd Manor house that opens its doors to festival goers for a reduced rate over the weekend.

The Anglesey woodland festival expects to return for its 15th year in 2019, again returning to the Woods of Plas Newydd Estate with the hopes of attracting even more people to the festival.


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